A Free Cold-Weather Feed Table

A free automated tool to help with winter horse care and management.

Feeding a proper amount of quality hay during the cold winter months is one of the best ways to help your horses keep warm. With a proper winter coat, sufficient water, shelter, and an increased amount of hay based on body weight, a horse can stay healthy in temperatures as low as -40° F.

Sweet Equine provides a feed table based on geographical weather data and horse weight that calculates the amount of hay your animal requires based on current weather conditions.

Sweet Equine App

DailyFeed(1 + .01 * (18-MinTemp))

How the formula works

For every degree below 18° F, a horse needs 1% more calories/energy to stay warm. Our math assumes access to shelter, water, and 2% of body mass intake a day. For example, a 1000lb horse would take in 20lbs of hay a day and would need an approximate .2 lbs of feed per degree below 18° F.

If a horse is wet, then their intake requirements increase even further. Simply click on the raindrop symbol by the weight on the day in the table to see the increased requirements.

For more information, please refer to the University of Minnesota Extension page on caring for your horse in winter.